National Storage Affiliates Trust


NSA is committed to conducting its business with integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies. We are also committed to promoting diversity among our management, board and employees. Our commitment to these ethical principals extends to those we do business with as well.

Corporate Governance Highlights

  • 8 of 11 trustee nominees are independent
  • Separate chair and chief executive officer roles
  • Experienced and dedicated lead independent trustee
  • No staggered board of trustees; annual election of all trustees
  • Diversity of age, race, gender, tenure, skills and experience among trustees
  • Recovery policy for erroneously awarded executive incentive compensation
  • Two Audit Committee financial experts
  • No excise tax gross-ups on payments made in connection with a change of control

  • Equityholders may amend bylaws
  • Majority voting in uncontested elections
  • Robust minimum equity ownership guidelines
  • Active shareholder outreach program
  • No poison pill
  • Prohibition against hedging the value of Company securities
  • Limitations on pledging of Company securities by Named Executive Officers and trustees
  • Opted out of Maryland's unsolicited takeover act (which we may not opt into without shareholder approval) and control share acquisition statute


Vendor Expectations

We strive to conduct our business in an ethical manner that benefits our stakeholders and which is intended to mitigate our overall impact on the environment. We make our vendors aware of these standards and we expect them to operate in a similar manner.